A step-by-step presentation of web-scrapping and EDA

In the below analysis I’m going to analyze a dataset about laptops available on Flipkart.com. This analysis will help the users understand various features of the laptop and will help them to choose the best product in their budget.

First of all, we are going to scrap the data from Flipkart.com then parse the data and store it in a usable format using BeautifulSoup. In the next step, the data will be analyzed and further cleaned-up using Pandas for analysis purposes. In the third and final stage, the sample data will be analyzed using visualization tools such as Matplotlib and…

Various apps in Google Play store
Various apps in Google Play store


The Google Play Store is the largest and most demanded Android App store. It is a digital distribution service operated and developed by Google allowing users to browse and download applications. It is the official App store offering various categories of apps including music, books, television shows, movies, games, finance and social media.

We took a sample dataset and analyzed about 10,808 apps in 33 categories using BI tool QlikView. The analysis provides useful insights about the success of an app. The developers should keep few things in mind like price, size and target audience before launching an App into…

Subesha Sasmal

My endless curiosity and interest to venture into an unchartered territory of Data Science and AI has landed me somewhere in the realm of AI.

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